Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Even More Fan Stories

Will Connelly   -   My college roommate and I spent a long weekend in New York City as part of a road trip, and we passed the time by trying to make our own crossword with the theme of classic rock puns (example: "Van Morrison's ode to bovines Lindy-hopping?" Moodance). We struggle mightily and fudged a few acronyms/foreign words, but we finished a 15x15 grid and sent it out to friends and family as a Christmas present. Only one puzzle came back solved; the rest were trashed or hung on my step-grandmother's refrigerator as an example of the generation gap.

JimmyM   -    But guess what? Van Morrison doesn't play Brown Eyed Girl at every gig. I don't think he plays it at all anymore. He's nasty and crabby for other reasons.  However, he's crabby in a good way that I really enjoy. One night, he was on the Letterman show singing Have I Told You Lately That I Love You with Sinead O'Connor, and she looked extremely nervous and her singing sounded like it. Van was trying to get her to loosen up and she just wouldn't, so he's getting in her face and singing stuff like "Blah blah blah" at her and pretty much gave up on her and just made a mockery of the whole thing. I laughed my butt off! Ever since then, I love the guy.

Rad   -   Van Morrison’s Moondance was that album that really broke me apart from the small town that I was brought up in and really put it’s mark on my experience my 1st summer in Berkeley, California.  Moondance got me into different comfort zones, it slayed me, it challenged me. I was so in love with this time and album.

I was high on life! singing through the streets of Berkeley. The parties in Berkeley really stood out to me! To hang with the older groovy people, the clothes, the music, I was alive that summer and life was buzzing like honey bee’s circling the sweetest flowers. I WAS ON FIRE and in love with life and two women at the same time (that’s never happened again and it crushed me and them for years.  There’s some deep sadness here but life is such a trip and we gotta take it and go for it)….I’ll just say Moondance got me through and opened me up to me and that is the greatness of music and the relationship that it plays on our lives and a great album seeps into your essence your person and really helps define your experience emotionally…a great album like this one is such a gift and as we know it’s rare to find great albums that really transform and elevate one’s experience. Moondance certainly did that for me…I can still see candles on the doorstep outside our house flickering from the garden.

Zach Williams   -   If you could relive one moment over and over again, what would it be?  Easy:  The day I had when I was 17 and my great uncle died. Me and my cousin got paid $50 to drive an S10 pick-up to his house and remove all of his stuff. The place was the perfect amount of scary and weird and beautiful. We took my cousin’s older brother’s Van Morrison cassette and listened to it all day.

Anonymous   -   Here's a dream I had about Van in February 2013.  I was at a small flat of a friend's and one of the guests was Van Morrison. I couldn't think of anything smart to say to him at first, then had the great idea of handing him a guitar and asking if he would be so good as to tune it up for me. I figured that he would not then be able to resist playing a little something afterwards, and that it would be a great story to tell in future of how I got a private Van Morrison concert for free! It didn't quite go as planned though, because when he looked at the guitar it only had three strings.

I was then telling him of the fact that the television was broken and he replied with something along the lines of 'oh I can fix that if you want me to as well.' He proceeded to remove the  front of the screen and have some of the internal wires dangling down. I was then telling him of how my Dad used to fix televisions for a living, but Van sounded disinterested.

Elliott Schiller   -   I was in Loblaw's today and heard Van Morrison on the musak (yikes). My first real stereo system was purchased at a fancy stereo store in Pittsburgh when I was already in graduate school. Before then, I always had roommates with quality sound systems. The store had a listening room where you could bring a record and they would let you hear the record coming out of various speakers. The record I brought to listen to was Van Morrison's Moondance.

According to wikipedia, Moondance is dated as a 1970 album. Strange since I remember stereo shopping shortly after Apollo 11 landed the three astronauts on the moon. It still makes me happy to hear Van singing. It brings back the best of times memories for me. For years, I would play Moondance every time Susy and I got in the car. So much so, that she can't listen to it anymore.

Elmo   -   Van sat next to me, at a Don McLean show, at the Roxy (’76?). Didn’t recognise him. Manager asked if we had room at our table for another, sure … no prob. Only after the show, did my bud ask/mention if I knew ...

DavidJennings   -   Van Morrison and the Chieftains, Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, 7 May 1988. This was my first Van Morrison gig, and the one that has kept me going back another 14 times. Van and the Chieftains were also playing up the road at the Hammersmith Odeon, but the Riverside Studios had a festival of Irish culture and managed to persuade them also to play in their 300 seat theatre.

My eldest friend lived just a few hundred yards from the studios at the time, so we managed to get tickets. First the Chieftains played a set, which, to be honest, we didn’t entirely get at the time. Then Van and his band came on and played maybe 45 minutes, ending with a quite remarkable version of Summertime in England. But the real treat was when both bands played the closing set. This was before the Irish Heartbeat album came out, and I’ve never heard songs like My Lagan Love and She Moved Through the Fair before. I remember moments when the lights doomed to a deep red, and Van was just muttering and grunting repetitively. I swear it’s one of the most musical things I’ve ever heard, though perhaps it was like the experience of music from inside the womb.

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