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Top 10 Love Songs by Van Morrison

Just when you thought you needed another music list we have the Top 10 Love Songs by Van Morrison according to someone called JG. 

Top 10 Love Songs by Van Morrison
Van Morrison's bluesy, soulful love songs make him one of rock's greatest singer-songwriter's of all time. His songs sometimes come across written by a tormented soul who has insight into the object of his affection without her knowledge or as a man starring into his lover's eyes entwined with passion. Morrison's lyrics give women hope for men who lack his poetic prowess the world over. He goes way, way deep and it's impossible not to be sucked into the emotion he is tapping into when you hear the emotion his voice brings out. The images Morrison produces creates a feeling in his listeners with a sound as soothing as it is stirring to the soul. Van Morrison's music will live on forever as classics yet contemporary in sound and meaning. Here is an attempt at his top ten love songs.

1. Someone Like You from Poetic Champions Compose, 1987
A love song with pure optimism for the weary, lonely-hearted who think they will never find someone as well as those who are already in love with someone. All feels possible when we find the right person.

2. Into the Mystic from Moondance, 1970
This song reaches out and captures your heart as it reaches it's climactic chorus. These words and this song should be preserved for THE love of a lifetime. Yet there's something hidden that tells you this love was not meant to last forever.

3. Crazy Love from Moondance, 1970 

The gospel of love pours out of Van Morrison and exists for us all to worship. Crazy Love is one of those songs that takes over your mind and spirit when you hear it. You just want to spend the day in bed with your lover once the song grabs hold.

4. I'll Be Your Lover Too from His Band and the Street Choir, 1970
Dark with raw emotion that makes you want to weep at it's plea. This song reaches depths that not many others in music do. Stirring up feelings that keep you awake until sunlight, I'll Be Your Lover Too is magical.

5. Tupelo Honey from Tupelo Honey, 1971
Although it seems to have a simple message, when you listen closely to the words it's more like a song of two lovers against the rest of world, escaping something or someone attempting to hold them back from one another.
6. Sweet Thing from Astral Weeks, 1968

Songwriters and poets the world over wish they could write a song like Sweet Thing. The lyrics ring true to anyone who has suffered from love. A beautiful treasure.

7. Moondance from Moondance, 1970
Much commercial success doesn't take away from the appeal for love. One of the more upbeat love songs, Moondance paints a classic portrait.

8. Steal My Heart Away from Down the Road, 2002
A practical love song that offers the romance through imagery that only Morrison can do.

 9. Have I Told You Lately that I Love You from Avalon Sunset, 1989 

One of the most popular love songs of all time. A song of old love that brings peace of mind to those who have been in a long relationship. 

10. Brown Eyed Girl from Blowin' Your Mind, 1967

There's not much better than young love. Brown Eyed Girl has to be one of the best anthems of young lovers around the world - rightly so.

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