Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Believe it or Not - Part 6

1.  A black moggy named Van the Cat was featured on Ellen DeGeneres' website on the Adoptable Pets of the week  section.  Apparently, he was looking for "someone exactly like you".

  2.  When Marianne Faithfull was asked in the 90s 'who would be the first person you would invite to your birthday party?', she replied, "Van Morrison".

  3.  Soccer legend Paul Gascoigne claimed in an interview in 1998 that Van's Have I Told You Lately was one of his two favourite records.

  4.  Carrickfergus which was on Van's Irish Heartbeat was played at the funeral of John F. Kennedy Jr. 

  5. The music of Van Morrison was used (among others) in an experiment to test whether listening to rock music made you racist

  6. Van is a music giant but stands only 5'5" tall or 165 cm. (Gloria was "five foot four".)

  7. Van was supposedly invited to sing at President George W. Bush's inauguration, but declined.

8.  In the late 1960s he moved briefly to Woodstock, New York in the late 1960s, not because it was a hotbed of the hippie/counterculture movement, but to live near his idol, Bob Dylan, who had lived in that area for 3 years before the famous music festival was held there. However, he was reportedly too shy to actually approach Dylan at that time.

 9.  Van songs were used on 4 episodes of The Sopranos from 1999 to 2007. 

10.  Jackie McAuley, organist in Them, recalled the air of "general weirdness" that surrounded being on the road with Morrison: "There was one time Van didn't say a word for three days. He wouldn't even mumble. That would just drive everybody mad."

11.  In 2002 Van had to battle the Unofficial Club de Van Morrison Big Fan Club based in the Caribbean to gain ownership of the vanmorrison.com domain name.  The World Intellectual Property Organisation assisted in returning the name to the rightful owner. 

12.  Georgie Guinana selected Madame George to be played at the funny funeral she'd have for herself.   

13.  Rob O’Conner puts Van at number 4 on his list of “10 Ugly Rockers”.

14.  Van has claimed that "Van" is East Belfast slang for "Ivan".

15.  In August, 2013 the Belfast Telegraph teased readers with this little item "David Beckham and Van Morrison shared the newspaper pages last week as one advertised a new range of underwear and the other was awarded freedom of the city of Belfast. You'll have assumed by now, if you didn't see the stories yourself, that it was David in the pants and Van with the freedom. That's right."

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