Thursday, 28 August 2014

Swassont Nurf

Van turns 69 on August 31 and every year I ask "how will you celebrate?"  I like to make it an exclusive Van music day around my place.  I usually start with the older Them albums in the morning and continue chronologically till Born to Sing around 2 in the morning.    

Have you ever wondered what a guy like Van gets for his birthday?  He's the classic guy who has everything.  In previous year I've suggested DVD sets of old British comedy shows, a model of his private plane for the desk, a scrapbook of articles from his Them days, striped pyjamas and even a 100 pound voucher for a magic shop. I'm not sure what Van's connection with Pee Wee Herman is with that last gift.  This year I'm suggesting either a Miles Davis boxed set, a hard drive containing as many of his live shows as possible, one of those multifunction fitness trackers or a reproduction family Bible with the various dates of births, deaths and weddings of various Morrison family members written in.  (Van, if any of this is resonating with you, I'd like to be your PA). 

Happy 69th Van.  You're beautiful.  You're the greatest.  You fly so high above the pack of current contemporary music performers it's not funny.  You've given people like myself a lifetime of memories.  I think of the numerous hours I've spent debating ridiculous topics like "is Van a Satanist?" or "does Van have a better voice than Neil or Bob?"  or "is Van as corny as Paul McCartney?"  Recently I found myself in a debate with a 16 year old girl about whether Van is better than a Korean Pop group called Super Junior.  (I was willing to concede that Van wasn't as pretty as those boys, didn't really have the dance moves and didn't match it with the Korean lads in the abs department.) (So you can see how interesting my life is.) 

Again this year I reiterate, Van, we love you.  I speak for hundreds of thousands of fans whose lives you've enriched through your incredible music career.  Here's hoping for a new album in your 69th year.    

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