Sunday, 14 September 2014

Believe it or Not - Part 7


1.  Van claims to have played rugby in school.  I guess he would have made a feisty little halfback. I guess this also explains why he never bought a soccer team like Sir Reginald Dwight III.

  2.  In an interview published in The Japan Times of May 21, 2010, Solomon Burke said,  "Van has been one of my angels  We've done several things with him. We're getting ready to do The Lord's Will, a live album later this year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that." 

3.  Apparently “actress” Kristen Stewart was “scarfing down Hot Pockets and listening to Van Morrison” in order to deal with her breakup with “actor” Robert Pattinson.  Both have continued to be fans of The Man.

4.  A Seattle area family took a stray cat who immediately went into labour.  The black-and-white colouring of the mother and her kittens reminded the husband of dominoes, which immediately made the family think of Van Morrison (his song Domino), which became their litter theme. The babies, Domino, Moondance, Angela, and Gloria, have all found homes.

5.  In 2009 Van appeared on CBC's radio program called Q.   He was interviewed by Jian Ghomeshi in his Toronto hotel ahead of his Massey Hall shows that year. Van revealed that his participation in The Last Waltz concert film was a mistake and a rip-off. He also blasted the Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame and how the whole system was a rip-off. 

6.  In 2011 one of Van's backing band members created controversy when he went on the Britain’s Got Talent TV show.  Herbie Armstrong attracted some negative publicity after it was revealed he has previously been on Top of the Pops and had chart success.  He had been on Top of the Pops with his bands Yellow Dog and Fox.

7.  Van Morrison was supposedly responsible for James Hunter and the Jokers changing their name from Howlin' Wilf Band back in 1992.  "Too easily confused with Howlin' Wolf", he is alleged to have pronounced.

8.  Swedish Furniture Designer Bla Station used Van's Common One (1980) album as inspiration for his lower, more austere chair design which he called The Common.

9.  Van has been known to write letters of complaint to various newspaper editors.  Topics have included complaining about the proposed location of something called the Interpretive Centre because of ecological reasons and complaints about the plaque that adorns his birthplace, 125 Hyndford Street in Belfast. 

10.  On July 25, 1994 Van played a concert in Denmark for a percentage of the profits on all food and drink sold.

11.  According to Q Magazine (October 2003) a psychic named Sharon Neill "helped" Van with a reading over the phone.  Despite being blind since birth she was able to accurately describe the female Van staff member who was passing information to the press.  And who says Van's paranoia is without foundation?  

12.  In September, 2014 Van Morrison was awarded the GQ Magazine Legend of the Year Award at the magazine's Men of the Year Awards.  He made a short speech saying that "I don't get out much and right after this I'm going back into my shell".  

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