Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014 Van Morrison Quiz

1.  Which are Van's two most performed songs in concert?
2.  Launching Morrison’s solo career was which popular single released in June 1967?

3.  The first hit single for Morrison’s band Them was Baby, Please Don’t Go –which featured what famous B-side?

4. Has Van Morrison ever played concerts in Asia, Africa or South America?

5.  Who was the other famous member of Them besides Van Morrison?

6.  Morrison attended Elmgrove Primary School and then what High School in East Belfast?

7.  Dying from heart failure at 38 was which American producer of Brown Eyed Girl?

8. Which popular song was released as a single seven years after being the title track of a 1970 album?

9. In what year was Morrison inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

10. In early 1973 Morrison toured Europe and America with which backing group he had formed?


1. Moondance and Gloria
2. Brown Eyed Girl 
3. Gloria
4. No.
5. No one.  Some of the members were certainly fine musicians but none achieved the fame anywhere near Van. 
6. Orangefield (finally closing its doors in 2014)
7. Bert Berns
8.  Moondance  
9.  1993
10.  The Caledonia Soul Orchestra

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