Thursday, 1 January 2015

Contest Crazy ...

It's a crazy time for Van contests it seems.  

1. Over at the fabulous Mystic Avenue blog John Gilligan is giving away a copy of Lit Up Inside to three lucky responders.   

2.  Even Van's getting into the act with free copies of Astral Weeks Live at the Hollywood Bowl on vinyl to give away.  All one has to do is name the albums that letters have been cut from ransom note style to form the message Merry Christmas. Five people who respond by January 2nd will be the lucky winners. Go to Van's official site for further information. 

3.  Finally, Katherine Duckworth from the City Lights blog/website/publishing company, etc. is advertising another contest for Van Fans.  Here's what she says:

Van Morrison Lit Up Inside Contest

Some folks honestly can’t remember a time in their life without Van Morrison. Maybe it was Brown-Eyed Girl that appeased both you and your parents as a fussy four-year-old on a long car trip, Astral Weeks that got you through some horrific break-ups, or the lesser known but equally groovy T.B. Sheets whose harmonica solos did something inexplicable to your core. We all have them. We all know for certain they are ours alone. We all have Van stories.  Are you an Astral Weeks or a Moondance kind of soul?

At City Lights, we definitely want to hear your Van stories! Send us your best Van Stories! Whether it is a memory attached to a song, or a chance encounter with Van himself, we want to hear it! We’ll post our 5 favourites here on the blog and, if yours is chosen, we’ll send you a copy of Van Morrison’s collection of lyrics (curated by Van himself) recently published by City Lights, Lit Up Inside.

You can e-mail your stories directly to  (Only folks who send their stories to that email will be considered for a prize.)

The deadline is Monday, January 19, 2015.

For maximum share-a-bility, please limit your stories to one page – that’s roughly 1,000 words.

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