Monday, 29 December 2014

Van Morrison - FAQ has a page of frequently asked questions about Van.  Strange.

Q.  What are the names of the musicians that form the group Van Morrison?
A.  Van Morrison is an individual singer, not the name of a group.

Q.  Is the jazz singer Janet Planet, the ex-Mrs Van Morrison?
A.  The true answer is NO!  Janet Planet the "Jazz Singer" was never married to Van Morrison.

Q.  On which Van Morrison album did Bobby Tench appear?
A.  Wavelength

Q. How many children has van Morrison?
A.  20

Q. Where does Van Morrison live?
A.  I believe he owns a house in his hometown of Belfast, in the Orby area of East Belfast. He lives in this house when he comes to Northern Ireland to visit family but when not in Northern Ireland I think he owns a house somewhere in Los Angeles.

Q.    Does Van Morrison still own a house in San Anselmo?
A.    No

Q. Who played the saxophone on the Van Morrison song Moondance?
A.  Jack Schrorer

Q. What song was co-written by Van Morrison and Phil Collins?
A. Hero

Q. Is Lulu related to Van Morrison?
A. No, she ain’t.

Q. Is Van Morrison a hermaphrodite?
A.  Yes, Van Morrison was born with both male and female genitalia?

Q. When did Gloria by Van Morrison come out?
A.  1965 - The song is actually credited to Them, which was the group he led.

Q. How many wives did Van Morrison have?
A. 4
Q. What was the eductation of Van Morrison?
A. Probably better than the person who wrote the question and misspelled "education".

Q. Did Van Morrison perform at Woodstock?
A. NO!! He might live in the area now - but he wasn't one of the entertainers at the original Woodstock Aug 15 -18, 1969.

Q. Who is Van Morrison's singing daughter?
A. Ivana

Q. Did The Pogues tour with van Morrison?
A. Not sure if they toured with him, but Shane definitely played a festival with Van (and a bunch of other legends). It was the Fleadh at Randall's Island, NYC, in Summer of 2007 with Van, Sinead, Christy, Shane & the Popes, etc.

Q. Where did Jim and Van Morrison play together?
A. Jim Morrison and Van Morrison's Them played two songs in an impromptu set on Hollywood Blvd at either the London Fog or the Whiskie A Go-Go. They did NOT tour together, and there are no known recordings of Gloria or the other song they jammed together on.

Q. What Van Morrison CD has the song These Are the Days?
A. Avalon Sunset
Van and His Twin George

Q. How many albums has Van Morrison sold?
A. 75 million

Q. Who sold more albums Bob Dylan or Van Morrison?

Q. Who played saxophone on the Van Morrison song Stranded?
A.  Stranded from Van Morrison's 2005 album Magic Time features himself playing the alto sax on that track.

Q. What song was a duet with Van Morrison and Phil Collins?
A. Van Morrison does not appear to have recorded any duets with Phil Collins, but Morrison has performed duets with many others, such as John Lee Hooker, Ray Charles, and Shane MacGowan etc.   Although Van Morrison and Phil Collins both became members of the Songwriters Hall of Fame at the same time, i.e. in 2003, and they have each performed many duets, none, it would seem, have been with each other. In 1970 Van Morrison wrote 'Domino', a tribute to singer Fats Domino. In 1986, Phil Collins' group Genesis also wrote a song called Domino (The Last Domino) for their album Invisible Touch, but this song has the refrain 'You've got to go Domino' and is quite a different song to Van Morrison's Domino.

Q. What is the meaning of Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison?
A. Despite popular myth, Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison is not about drugs. The song is about reminiscing over an interracial relationship. The song was written and recorded in 1967, toward the end of the Civil Rights Movement. The song was originally titled Brown-Skinned Girl. Van Morrison changed the title when the song was first recorded to make it more radio-friendly. Another example of the song's being changed to suit radio broadcast is the line "Laughin' and a-runnin', hey hey", which was taken from the first verse and used to replace the line "Making love in the green grass" in the third verse of the censored version.  

Q.  What year did Van Morrison record Ain't No Sunshine?
A.  Van Morrison didn't record Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone. Bill Withers did in 1971.

Q. Does van Morrison have any children?
A. Van Morrison has three children, two girls and one boy. First daughter Shana by first wife, Janet Planet. Other children by current wife, who, at one time was Miss Ireland.

Q. Was Van Morrison with The Troggs when they did Wild Thing?
A.  No, Van Morrison was never a member of The Troggs.

Q.  Did Morrison ever sing Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
A.  I searched it but I couldn't find it. I think Van Morrison didn't sing Have You Ever Seen the Rain? because I had Van Morrison's albums but this song isn't on any of them.


  1. Van (The Man) Morrison lives in Pensacola Florida on Lakeview Ave in the East Hill Neighborhood. I think he also lives with a songwriter named "Constant Change". Yea, that is her legal name! I know this is true because I had business dealing with them both several years ago.

  2. Dear anonymous, that name might hide who you are, but if it is true what you say, then I am sure Van (The Man) appreciates your keeping his business just that. HIS. Fool anyone knows he more so than most likes his privacy.