Monday, 9 March 2015

Van, Eric Bana and Uncut Magazine

Here's some of a post by Krankiboy at the Krankiboy Kronicles blog:

Just watched Troy on cable for the second time. Go ahead, mock me. You can call me a fan of homo eroticism masquerading as manly violence. Actually no, don't do that. It could unravel years of therapy. My friend gave me some copies of UNCUT magazine so I'd have something to do between my flashes of deviant brilliance, catatonic sleeping and walking my dogs.

At first I naturally assumed, just like you did, that Uncut Magazine was devoted exclusively to men who had not been circumcised and their foreskin exploits. Not so. It's a rock n' roll mag. I saw this in the stack and wondered what Eric Bana was doing on the cover of a music magazine.

Does it not look like Eric Bana?

The nose is slightly off but I find the similarity to be quite remarkable. Look at the eyes. Eerie. If Bana does play Van Morrison in some movie, I think I deserve at least 25% of any profits and 50% of the Van Morrison action figures. Damn, Rock n' Roll action figures. That's brilliant. I think I need to take a nap after that fabulous brainstorm.

And both Van Morrison and Eric Bana look a bit like my official Rocktographer and Aussie mate. I know what you're saying... all white people look alike. Well that's narrow minded of you. 

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