Monday, 2 March 2015

Van's Fan Wall is Coming

At Van's official site a fanwall is under construction.  It should be great and I hope many fans will take the opportunity to share stories and opinions about the great man.  Meanwhile, here's a sample of the many thousands of bits of opinions about the man that one can find on the net:  

Cat in the Hat   -   Would anyone care to venture a guess on what percentage of Baby Boomers were influenced directly by Van's music?

JoAnna M   -   I was familiar with Moondance, Brown Eyed Girl, etc. Then one day on the radio I heard a song that captured me and it was Into The Mystic. I immediately went out and bought an album, then another, then another, then another. The feeling I get when I listen to his music is something I can't explain. I am 58 years old and the emotion, well the emotion makes me want to leave everything behind and go to another place (I don't know where). He has captured my spirit and lifted it so high. Thank you Van!

Chris   -   Van Mo is the best. Right now I am hooked on the The Healing Game ... That harmonica intro on Rough Goes Riding just locks me in.
 Dean P.   -   Such a huge body of introspective work from a man who's shy and private. You have to respect the tormented-artist that he is. Some of my Van favourite tracks include Redwood Tree, Natalia, Bright Side of the Road.

Kshugrue   -   I would list all Van's albums as essential, but if I were to only own one it would be Astral Weeks

10 Essential Songs:
Sweet Thing
Tupelo Honey
In the Garden
Listen to the Lion
Madame George
Astral Weeks
St. Dominic's Preview
Into the Mystic
T.B. Sheets
Joe Harper Saturday Morning

Nancy Bell   -   Dump the jute, and let the goldfish go.

Anne   -   Among the many reasons I am entranced by Van Morrison's music is that he always has kept it just that -- the music. No celebrity chaser him, he's clearly allergic to the music machine. You are either captivated by his work or not, and any relationship you need to have with him is contained in those albums. He is speaking soul-to-soul with anyone that is willing to listen, and that is more genuine communication than any of celebrity profile articles. Why do people obsess about him being moody (and I have watched him walk off stage during several concerts, always leaving us to be entertained by his astonishing bands)? As we all know, emotional people make enduring art. The music is transporting. There are very few artists today whom I observe lie and breathe music on an almost cellular level, and he is the most multi-faceted of them all.

NotEasyBeingGreen   -   I'm a little on the young side for the average Van fan (I'm 36) but I realised that if I had to take the entire catalogue of just one musical artist with me to a deserted island, I'd choose Van's. Here are five albums why:

1. Tupelo Honey
2. Into the Music
3. Astral Weeks
4. Beautiful Vision
5. Avalon Sunset

If you like Van and don't own all of these, for God's sake, go out and get them!

Rick   -   For me there will always be Astral Weeks and then everything else. Not the first Van I ever listened to, but the one I always returned to. One of the great trip albums!

Amber   -   Van will ALWAYS be the man....At 32 years old, I am young for a Van fan - but was indoctrinated by my parents from a young age. His music is at once spiritual and clarified yet equally wandering and lost. He manages to captures the bittersweet angst and luster of living.......

Bill   -   Too many favourite Van tunes to list but a few I never seem to tire of...
Sweet Thing (Astral Weeks), Aryan Mist (Beautiful Vision), See Me Through/Soldier of Fortune/Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) (A Night in San Francisco)

Susan Carter   -   Van Morrison was always appealing to me but then in 1979 I heard Into the Music whilst living in Boulder, CO; I couldn't hear it often enough! My love-life was questionable at the time, and that album pierced me to the quick.Long story....It's the spiritual and the sexual! He captures both and they become one! I LOVE HIM!!!!!

Jack   -   I think Astral Weeks, St. Dominic's Preview, Moondance and Tupelo Honey are key. The rest will follow.

Mortimer   -   I have been a Van Morrison fan since I first heard Moondance and Tupelo Honey. As a musician, I enjoyed playing his songs on stage. When I first saw him live, I was overcome by his passion and I can totally relate to him being moved so much by the emotion of what one is playing that sometimes the audience is an irritant. Although it would be hard to pick out a favourite album or song of Van's, the song that helped me through the darkest moment of my life was Beautiful Vision. My two-yr-old son had been killed in an accident and I was sunk in a deep depression. My husband brought me the tape when I was in the hospital - and I found such solace in the images and words in the title song. It is still a mystery to me how he could write those words with such feeling and understanding. I will be forever grateful to him. Thank you, Van, for ALL your work!

Marsha   -   I love Van Morrison--don't know all his music, but I listen over and over, in my car, to his greatest hits. Makes me feel loved, plain and simple. 

Keith   -   Van even has a song, Inarticulate Speech of the Heart, that describes what his music strives for. In that song he actually sounds as if he has reverted to childhood. Never fails to put a lump in my throat.

Ion   -   There are two songs of Van Morrison's that I listen to over and over; namely, Too long in Exile, which is almost like a drug for me; it replenishes my immigrant heart with much needed pain. I guess I just like to feel sorry for myself, from time to time. The other song is Cry for home which I like to torture myself with for the same reason, i.e., homesickness.

John Gilligan   -   "I didn't perform (Brown Eyed Girl) for a long time because for me it was like a throwaway song. I've got about 300 other songs I think are better than that."  - Van Morrison

Phyllis McKee   -   In the late 1960s, the Band was playing at Boston's Symphony Hall, one of the first rock shows to appear at that venue. It was a loud, boisterous crowd, smokey clouds ascending to the ceiling. We were really ready for the music to start, when, unannounced, this guy came on stage singing Brown-eyed Girl. He wasn't on the bill, and he was singing this top-40s hit, which wasn't very cool in those days. The crowd started with a low rumble, and the boos got louder and louder. They forced this guy off the stage! (It was Van Morrison)
Jack   -   I have gone through a number of musical phases. Van Morrison's music was the Jackpot. Most recently I discovered a song Van did called Till I Gain Control Again. It's a country song. In my mind, one of the best country songs I've ever heard.

Todd   -   Big Van-Mo fan here! Few stand the test of time as he has. My favourite Van song is, all of 'em; especially Into The Mystic

Elizabeth   -   Into the Mystic - into my soul. The Van Man has been my favourite for years. 

Sophie   -   Van the Man is (*in my opinion*) the greatest vocalist and arranger in rock/pop music history. He is without peer. He has been on my turntable, CD player, iPod, computer for 40 years and I never tire of his music. Astral Weeks, the live Too Late to Stop Now and the masterful Into The Music will live forever!

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