Thursday, 28 May 2015

Shop Van Morrison

Everyone loves to shop these days it seems.  I’ve noticed a kind of global obsession to buy things.   When I was young no one talked about retail therapy.  We had no money and yet it seemed like we had all that we needed.  I’m really surprised by this global shopping mania.  Even men my age seem to have become so feminised that they want to engage me in conversation about soft furnishings or talk about how “cute” some giftware item is.  The world’s moved on and I haven’t.  

Apparently, people like to buy things and then post photos of what they've bought on something called Facebook.  People then receive positive affirmation about their shopping decisions when people "like" the photos.  (People really shouldn't get too chuffed about it because I've heard of people "liking" photos of child starvation, brutal crimes, freakish diseases and torture as well.) 

I still suspect that shopping fills a void that spiritual things did once upon a time. Having said all that, is there anyone who wants to shop Van Morrison?  Below is my shopping guide (and I’m the least qualified person to be advising you): 


There are always 7000 or so items listed on ebay using the search terms “Van Morrison” and “World”.  I notice that among the usual CDs, records, books and magazines one can buy ticket stubs, t-shirts, signed items, clippings and pieces of Van art. 

Van Shower Curtains

How do I explain this to male readers? Etsy is the global phenomenon of handmade shopping.  If someone can make it Etsy will have it.  When you visit Etsy you will find that snatches of Van lyrics have been applied to every nick-knack or furniture item possible.  There are clocks, ashtrays, tea towels, chairs, wall-hangings, plates, posters, jewellery, etc. Surprisingly there are also CDs, cassettes, records and t shirts for sale. 

Van Morrison   -   The Official Site

Van’s official site Van offers posters, t-shirts, hats and a couple of albums for sale.  Van's not as merched up as The Stones but he's getting there. 

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