Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Believe It or Not - Part 8

Corporal Radar O'Reilly

1.  Van's Sweet Thing was named on a website as 'the prettiest song ever'.

2.  Camper4hire, in the Midlands, has vans called Van Morrison, Van Halen and Van Gogh ('festivals a speciality').

3.  According to the website Celebrity Net Worth, Van is worth $90 million. He obviously made the right decision to stop cleaning windows in favour of music stardom.

4.  A hilarious addition to the family of Van covers on Youtube is Matt Brown and Etan Mirsky's Nose in Your BlowNose in Your Blow is one of the half-formed songs from the hastily assembled contractual album delivered to Bang records. 

5.  Van hasn't written any songs beginning with letter 'X' or the letter 'Z'.  I'm sure this is just a temporary oversight.

6.  The Nazi, Jew-hating blog called Expel the Parasite provides 10 Van Morrison film clips. Even hate groups can like good music!

7.  Van failed to turn up for his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  The 1993 Ceremony included acts like the Doors and Cream, as well as a surprising appearance by the extremely reclusive Sly Stone. When Van didn’t show the Counting Crows performed Caravan in his absence.

8. In 2009 a group calling itself Minnesotans for Global Warming posted a song on Youtube called Two Below Honey. It was said to be a clever global warming parody sung to Van Morrison's Tupelo Honey. Naturally Van’s Exile Productions had the song removed.  

9. David Bowie's 1973 album Pinups contains the Them song Here Comes the Night.  

10. The cover of Steely Dan’s Royal Scam album was originally created for Van Morrison for an album that was to be called to be called Mechanical Bliss, Naked In The Jungle, Not Working For You or Stiff Upper Lip.  Some tunes would appear on subsequent albums, some would be finally released on the outtakes collection The Philosopher’s Stone and others would be lost to the mists of time.

11.  According to the November, 2005 edition of Mojo magazine, Professor Tom Chamorro-Premuzic claimed that Brown Eyed Girl was one of the world's most uplifting songs coming in at number 6 on his list.  Apparently, it has the right pitch, positive lyrics, tonality and bpm to send Serotonin levels skyrocketing. At number 1 was The Boo Radleys' 1995 hit Wake Up Boo! 

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