Thursday, 16 July 2015

Fanpop Musings on Van's "Social Class"

Another post referencing Fanpop.  Does that site deserve it?  It does have a pretty active Van Morrison section with trivia questions, poll questions and a lot of forum threads.  Today's 'promotion' of Fanpop is a quirky thread that discusses the great man's working class background.  It seems amazing that a genius like Van could emerge from the modest home at 125 Hyndford Street, East Belfast.  I wonder if Van ponders this point in his quiet moments? 

Darango Mustafa starts the thread off.  

Darango Mustafa   -   Do you think Van is hampered by his background? Or does it provide a rich vein for his lyrics? I think it's definitely helped him.

PaulPaul1975   -   Van has grown rich on his talent. But his working class background probably means he likes things like suede wallpaper, Australian soap operas, line dancing, pizzas, beauty pageants and other tacky things.

nasty girl   -   Does anyone know if the great man likes monster trucks? I find working class people like that kind of thing.

Micah Gidro   -   I am working class and I like collecting beer cans, motor sport and unhealthy food. I hope Van does too.

Michael Kelton   -   Sounds like some people here are trying to get Van in their collecting hobby group. The only thing Van collects are fans.

Kent Uzziah87   -   Van is nouveaux riche. You can buy class. Basically you hire someone to make sure your mansion conforms to whatever notions of style are current. I would like to talk to his cook. I'm sure he hasn't left Northern Ireland's terribly unhealthy food culture behind.

playful otter   - can buy material things but you really can't "buy class"...LOL

playful otter   -   but in his own way I think Van has a lot of class...he does what he wants because he can....

Cal Avery   -   Van has some issues. He needs more social skills. He has been a truculent person since childhood. Does he get therapy?

Veedon Stairway   -   We are all inventing new rules for the new middle class in the new millennium. It's all new. I'm loving having extra money to spend on useless crap. Little decorative bits of crap. I've got a decorator which helps me get rid of some of my huge salary. It's all new with new rules. I'm loving it and macaroons. Brightly coloured girl food. Love it.

shockjock88   -   Van asks "what happened to the working class white?" That is on his 2012 album Born to Sing.

Jodie Caddy101   -   Class isn't something you talk about - either you have it or you haven't.

Capt Diddle   -   Class is a group of students or definite biological grouping. Fish need to be schooled about all this.

blind orange   -   Does Van have class? His sense of humour onstage is very much working-class Brit.

Jon Jon 2000   -   Class or no class it doesn't matter! What's the point of going on if there is no God? No rules, no objective morality, no sense of purpose. All gone. Every thought or idea just an accident. Just a bag of molecules in motion says Richard Dawkins. There is no point in a world without God.

shockjock88   -   I agree with every post on this forum. I'm an agreeable sort of chap. I make friends with the world and, guess what, the world smiles back, my friend. Birds sing to me. Automatic doors open up to me. I could go "double diamond" in less than three months.

Johnny-Reb1861   -   I thought the Mexicans streaming over the border were the new working class. Now every college kid wants to be a vet or a CSI investigator or a youtube sensation or handbag designer or app creator. No one wants to get their paws dirty. Funny world.

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