Sunday, 30 August 2015

Funny Things People Say - Part 8

Happy Birthday Van  -  You're the Greatest

imoneil5000   -   There are few people whose voices annoy me as much as Van Morrison’s. The best Van Morrison record is the sound of silence for forty minutes after you pull the 8-track of Moondance out of the stereo and toss it out the window of a moving car.

Erik Albany   -  I know there are many Van Morrisons to consider...but later in life (my 30s), I've really come to love songs like Hard Nose the Highway and Into the Mystic, as well as (obviously) all of Astral Weeks.
Mr Fab   -   That's the stuff I really like - I've got a Best of Them album. And his immediate post-Them stuff has some greatness like TB Sheets. But honestly I don't know if I can get into the later stuff without growing a beard, wearing denim and listening to James Taylor. Oh, I Cover The Waterfront, a song he did with John Lee Hooker, is really good - real low-down and bluesy. Don't know if that was his doing or Hooker's, tho.

M. Johnson   -   Even if Into The Mystic was "just a few short steps away from Enya" [which it's not,] so what? Enya is just a few short steps away from BEFORE AND AFTER SCIENCE. As I've said elsewhere Van's Common One is the missing link between James Brown and MUSIC FOR AIRPORTS.  But listen to songs like Rave on, John Donne or When Will I Ever Learn To Live In God? and you can only conclude that, sure Van can be plenty pretentious, but he's not really watering anything down, or merely trying to make a buck.

Rondo   -   A few weeks ago I was at a pub sitting at a table with 5 or 6 people aged under 35. Some of the people commented on the great music playing in the background - it was a collection Van Morrison's biggest hits.  However, not one of these people had ever heard of Van Morrison! I couldn't believe it.

Christine Biss   -    Loved Van the man till I went to see him at the Royal Albert Hall and he was so rude did not speak to the audience once and he didn't actually look at the audience. just put his head down sung songs that could not be understood and the only one of his older songs was Brown Eyed Girl. I still love all his songs. But will never go and see him live again.

MMM   -   Van used to be one of the "old school" like Peter O'Toole and Richard Harris...I knew someone many years ago who had been one of his tour manager.  She thought he could put anybody under the table.

Ernie Lo   -   I've heard of the name but never seen him or heard his music or took any notice. I think my brain automatically replaces Van Morrison with Van Halen.

Epis Odes   -   Strangely, Van Morrison, who has been a great singer several times over, is at his very worst when he goes into wordless sound-making, as on his odd album Common One.

Aaron Shay   -   Imagine that Van Morrison is singing in a band with Lou Reed and that they're playing songs that Neil Sedaka wrote while drunk and manic depressive. Now imagine that this event was recorded in 2008. Also, imagine Morrison with a heavy Bronx accent. That's what Vic Ruggiero's solo album Something in My Blind Spot sounds like.

Paul  Connolly   -   One of my own favourite albums is Astral Weeks by Van Morrison, which features the song Ballerina. It’s a haunting evocation of a love unrequited, or perhaps broken in some way. Listening to it, I get a sense of fragility, of a man who is yearning for this perfect vision of a woman to be his. The fact that I was once married to a ballet dancer means that those feelings have the ring of truth.

M. Johnson   -   Van has been my favourite artist since I was 17 (I'm 34 now) and I think he certainly could take a seat next to Lou Reed, Neil Young, Richard Thompson and Ray Davies, as one of the Titans who spawned the 'Alternative' gods.  Van Morrison is one weird dude after all. He is a true misfit, and remains so to this day.

As to the sexuality- well, it's most evident in Madam George, of course ["the hallway lights are slowly getting dim/ you're in the front room touching him"] but already the THEM and Bang! material, as well as Astral Weeks, Van makes reference to old homo paedophiles and well as his troubling desires for 14 year old girls. Van never made perversions his primary subject/affectation like Lou Reed, but it's there just the same.

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