Monday, 19 October 2015

Funny Things People Say - Part 9

Kevin Eikenberry   -   By now I hope you know I’m not talking about romantic love, but a deep belief in, passion for, and caring about (in fact, I’ve written about this idea before, with advice from the singer Van Morrison and tying together love and leadership with listening).  I wish you work that you love, and even more, I hope you find ways to show your love.

The Helen Shapiro
Julie   -   One of my co-workers told me yesterday that she always thinks of me when she hears Van Morrison.  That was a nice compliment.

Dave McElfresh   -   It must be fan adoration, or maybe respect for his patriarchal status, that keeps Van Morrison from being branded the most blatant hypocrite in music. The man has written and recorded spiritual songs for nearly 20 years, yet is an unapologetic and abrasive misanthrope of legendary proportion--quite at odds with the humanity-loving expectations of nearly every religion in the world, including all the ones he has dabbled in.

Patty   -   I bought some Tupelo Honey for Gerald; it's his favourite and I can only find it locally at an "Amish" store. I love the song Tupelo Honey which was written and performed by Van Morrison. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Van Morrison but my favourite version of Tupelo Honey is by Richie Havens.
Julia   -   I am pretty sure it was Van Morrison busking in Bath the other day. He does it from time to time. I gave him 30p, he was good! Everyone was passing by, intent on their Christmas shopping, or visiting the top tourist spots, or getting to a fixed appointment. Apart from two scruffy, possibly homeless, men sitting on the steps behind him. They probably knew! People pay £30 or more to see him on a distant stage. But that's okay because it's in their diary, and they know it's him because it says so on the ticket. Life dictated by diary and labels cost a lot more.

Mark Ellen   -   Van Morrison was such a howling pain in the arse I had to organise a special route for him to enter the Park Lane Ballroom from the back to avoid the paparazzi at the 1995 Q Awards. This took him through the hotel’s well-stocked and sumptuous kitchens where I feared the tuck-loving troubadour might be delayed by pies or potted herrings ‘in case he got famished before dinner’.

Steve Ray   -   Becker’s first argument compares going to Mass to going to a Van Morrison concert, which Becker indicates would be an incredibly thrilling experience for him. I don’t know Van Morrison’s music myself, but fair enough.

Ernie Lo   -   Van Morrison? I've heard of the name but never seen him or heard his music or took any notice. I think my brain automatically replaces Van Morrison to Van Halen.

Clive Davis   -   I once tried to interview Van Morrison after being driven down to his West Country retreat. It was the most unnerving experience of my career. You see, getting a complete sentence out of him was almost impossible. He wasn't unpleasant, just totally introverted.

Sabitathica   -   Nobody in Atlanta, the city I currently live in, has ever heard of Van Morrison. I don't know what fills the place in them that Van Morrison occupies in me, but I'm not too worried about it right now. I've been listening to Van Morrison a lot recently.

Jason   -   And what would Van Morrison’s Moondance album look like if it was a horror comic? All as foretold by Nostradamus, of course. And all told by Jason, whose sly and elusive meanings are hidden beneath a beguilingly deadpan style. Full-colour illustrations throughout.

Paleo Retiree   -   Based only on seeing Van a few times, reading a bit about him and my own imagination, I diagnose his case this way: he’s the rare performer/Aspie — an artist with a big drive to put his work in front of people who is nonetheless a genuine introvert. He’s a man whose inner nature is divided equally between a talent (an immense talent) that really needs to express itself and an unstoppable drive to keep the world at arm’s length. But do take my hunches with a huge grain of salt, please.

Kenny Wilson  -  I’m not that much of a Van Morrison fan. I find most of his records fairly bland and stylised. I’ve heard most of them and am not that impressed apart from his early work with the seminal rock band Them.

Rachel Semigran   -   Now, I have a hard time believing any woman who came of age in the 1990s who claims they didn’t love the Spice Girls. Oh… you were into your dad’s Van Morrison vinyls? Yeah, yeah, sure. You must have just HATED all of that Wannabe nonsense. UGH. LIES. ALL LIES! The Spice Girls were pure pop in the best way.

Our Girl   -   So, not knowing too many Van Morrison songs (I get him mixed up with Boz Scaggs), I checked into Tony's blog and see his video. These are terrible images. Cancer is no joke. It's scary and it's painful. Tony is brave and  I dig his sense of humour. So what I see is these terrible images juxtaposed against what sounds to my uneducated ear like hospital elevator music (Did You Get Healed?). 

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