Monday, 23 November 2015

Funny Things People Say - Part 10

Bob Dylan   -   Tupelo Honey has always existed and Van Morrison was merely the vessel and the earthly vehicle for it.

Fox   -   I personally think Van Morrison's Astral Weeks is the beginning of "album rock", and also the greatest album ever made, but that's for another day because I don't want to diminish Sgt. Pepper's legacy. Not at all.

bubba-ho-tep   -   I consider The Healing Game to be Van's Flaming Pie.

Julie   -   One of my co-workers told me yesterday that she always thinks of me when she hears Van Morrison.  That was a nice compliment.

Grant Mosesian - As far as Van Morrison, I'm not sure he even belongs on any kind of list whatsoever. When one of his "songs" comes on the radio I like to dare people to tell me what the lyrics are. No one has won yet.

The Awesome PT  -   I’d pick Van Morrison. I don’t tend to follow trends in therapy, but rather develop my own style of treatment based on things I learn from people I respect. I tend to be laid back, but not in a sleepy way (I hope…. I’m envisioning Crazy Love). I can also pep things up if necessary (Think Brown-Eyed Girl). Van also tends to use happy words, even in his more sad songs. No need for negativity.

Jeff K.   -   Van, Bob, Frank Lloyd Wright---they can be kind of pricks because they are artistic and justifiably egotistical because it allows them to do what they do. The Eagles and people like that aren't great enough to justify it. Somehow, too, there's a difference between cantankerous and douchebag.

Glen O'Brien   -    If it was just about voice I think Van might have had a leg up on Mick Jagger.

Chyonne Kreltszheim   -   One of the partners asked for Moondance by Van Morrison, and I was only too happy to oblige. I started smoothly enough, but as the chorus approached, and the melody got higher and higher, I realised that I’d made a huge mistake. I was singing it in the wrong key!

JusBass   -   Last week I joined Bri Arden at Dubway Studios to record an acoustic cover of both Jessie J‘s Domino and Van Morrison‘s classic tune of the same name, with a little King Harvest mixed in for good measure. After all, the only thing better than a Dr. Luke creation is a Dr. Luke creation chewed up and remixed.

Christopher Laws   -   Madame George, with its sense of Shalimar’s sweet scent, drifting and lingering in the cool night-time air, both motivated and supported my fledgling interest in perfumery: there was an obvious impulse towards sharing something of the song’s atmosphere, something of its world. Shalimar was one of the first two perfumes I bought around three or four years ago – alongside Guerlain’s Vetiver – and I wear it whenever I feel so inclined.

Trawicks   -   You can find interviews with Van Morrison from the 1970s where he softened his Belfast accent to the point where he sounded nearly American (and this was only after recently moving to the states!). Interestingly, when he moved back to Ireland, the brogue came right back with him.

Gavin Keeney   -   I heard covers of Van Morrison songs from the Moondance period in bars by local folk musicians in those first years of college. I was 18 years old and the music — combined with rivers of draft beer — was a near-death experience.

Leonie Cooper   -   It's pretty easy to come up with reasons why a Van Morrison gig could disappoint:

a) He neglects to play the original version of Brown Eyed Girl, and instead kicks off a 15-minute pan-pipe jam inspired by his soul-searching travels in the Andes.
b) He rekindles his love affair with Scientology and brings Tom Cruise onstage for a skiffle paean to the wondrous ways of L Ron Hubbard.
c) The crowd find themselves banned from going to the bar to get a stiff drink to numb the dull, throbbing pain caused by two hours of incessant MOR rock.

This time, Van the Man has gone for c) - preventing his audience from quaffing booze at tomorrow night's Brighton Dome gig, and for two shows in Liverpool and Birmingham next month.

Tim Worstall   -   Decades ago Van used to come into the Old Green Tree occasionally. Absolutely fine until anyone spoke to him (whether or not they knew who he was) when he would storm out. Odd chap really.

Phil Sweeney   -   Van Morrison is called Van The Man because Van The Complete Wanker doesn't rhyme. True fact.

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