Thursday, 28 January 2016

Funny Things People Say - Part 11

Gideon K.   -   Then Van Morrison’s Sweet Thing came on. Sweet Thing! In a coffee shop! Such sublime, intensely personal and beautiful music, just spread out like furniture or cheap incense from a stall in Camden market. I don’t know how people can just go about their business while a song like that is playing. Maybe that’s why the staff were so friendly?

Dr Bent Sorenson   -   For years I listened to at least one Van Morrison track every day, often playing one of his songs to energise myself before going in to teach a class or give a lecture. We're talking major obsession, here...

Kimberlee   -   Whenever I hear Bright Side of the Road by Van Morrison, I'm reminded of one of the toughest years of my life... but in a good way. 2009 was full of heartbreak and struggle — a couple difficult and very emotional break-ups, the most challenging academic semester yet, graduating into the shambles of a broken economy, my closest friends moving states away, living in my parents' basement (I know that's not a big deal, but it sure wasn't my dream as a 22-year-old), and so on and so forth.

Cassie Tuttle   -   Van Morrison, in Brown Eyed Girl sang about being "behind the stadium with you." But I heard: "behind the shady umber tree." Now, as far as I know, there is no such thing as an umber tree, but that's what I heard, and that's what I sang as we cruised along in David's metallic blue Chevy Nova, radio blasting. In a moment of adolescent embarrassment, my girlfriend eventually pointed out my error to me; I nevertheless still hear Mr. Morrison singing about a shady umber tree.

Noel Pride   -   Van Morrison exists as something beyond myself.

Alucard  -   Van Morrison has launched a scathing attack on the Internet, insisting it is responsible for the dumbing down of society and modern culture. Now, I know one can simply search Wikipedia on who the hell is this guy, but out of the blue - does anyone know him?

Gregor   -   My first exposure to Van Morrison was Brown Eyed Girl but keep in mind this was many years ago. During this time before being familiar with any of his other work, I wanted to kill Van Morrison. I was so so so tired of being out and when this song inevitably came on being forced forced to witness half drunken ladies fumble through the words whilst spilling their precious Miller Lites. Of course my hatred for Mr Morrison subsided after I heard Astral Weeks for the first time. 

Nigel Jones   -   For every Jim Morrison there’s a Van Morrison (the two bad boys were early friends) gloomed and apparently doomed, but still with us.

Call Me Ishmael   -   Morrison's output is significantly over-valued, much of his stuff is shouty, sub-Ray Charles  R'n'B that was shit even when Ray Charles did it  but there are gems, especially on Astral Weeks and this, These Are the Days, which are almost enough to make one forgive his churlish, shouty abominations.

Nicky Horne   -   The rudest interviewee by a very long way was Van Morrison – had to kick him out of studio. Barry Manilow and Michael Bolton are next.

Evolve18   -   Lately I've been addicted to the Tupelo Honey record, particularly Moonshine Whiskey. I also want Caravan played at my funeral with everyone drinking whiskey. 

Margaret Dittbemer   -   She doesn’t need me or any other man but she doesn’t know that either, and I’m just hopin’ like crazy she doesn’t think I’m the one because the only time I’ll ever see North Dakota again is in a Van Morrison song late (LATE) at night, I promise.

Maurice Bottomley   -   I love Van Morrison and understand the evident pleasure he gets from projects such as You Win Again but I am disappointed by any venture with his name attached that does not at some point send shivers down my spine.

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