Monday, 22 February 2016

Van Doesn't Have a No. 1 Record

The world's greatest singer songwriter Van Morrison (IMHO) has had a lot of commercial success over the years. Even now there are at least 100,000 fans who will buy anything the man puts out.  Albums like Moondance and the 1990 Best of Van Morrison album sold in the millions. However, despite all of his achievements and his 55 years in the business, Van has never had a number one record in Britain or America. 

If you had to guess which Morrison album was his highest-charting in the United States, you’d probably need plenty of attempts before guessing right.  The 1970 album Moondance is his largest seller; classic early works Astral Weeks and Tupelo Honey are certified gold, as were several of his ’90s releases. But it was the 2008 album Keep It Simple that reached #10 — his lone top-10 album in America.  Even in the UK, Morrison has never hit #1. He came closest in 2007, when the compilation album Still on Top — the Greatest Hits went to #2.

Morrison has scored only two top-10 singles in the States. Brown Eyed Girl and Domino. His profile is even lower on the British singles charts, where his 1989 duet with Cliff Richard, Whenever Got Shines His Light made #20 and is his highest-charting release.

It’s unclear whether Morrison cares about this sort of thing. He’s generally dismissive of stardom, considering himself a working artist above all. At the same time, however, he jealously guards his intellectual property. Some websites have fallen foul of Van's representatives and have had to pull content.  

Lately, though, he seems to have been a lot more enthusiastic in wanting to play the promotion game.  His facebook page is pretty folksy with rare photos of Van out in the real world.  His website has an expanding merchandise shop. In recent times he seems to be smiling a lot more and allowing fans to see him doing life in the real world.  He also has been receiving awards for his contribution to the music world including a knighthood.  

Wouldn't it be great to see him with a number 1 on the charts? Occasionally I glance at charts to see what's at number 1. They always scream at me that Van is deserving of a number 1. Some new young dance pop performers seem to be achieving number ones with virtually every release.  Have a look at the list below and then try to tell me that life is fair.

Some Multiple No 1 Single Artists in the U.S.

KC and the Sunshine Band (5)
Daryl Hall and John Oates (6)
Ludacris (5)
Usher (9)
Richard Marx (3)
George Michael (8)
Olivia Newton-John (5)
Tony Orlando and Dawn (3)
Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Diddy (5)
Shaggy (2)
Michael Bolton (2)
Britney Spears (5)
Mariah Carey (18)

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