Saturday, 12 March 2016

Mick Vs Van

Pistol Packin' Kelly Bundy asked on Yahoo Answers Van Morrison or Mick Jagger? Who has the better voice?  Here are some of the answers with the verdict overwhelmingly in favour of Van. 

Cowboy Neal   -   Van Morrison can moan the blues waaaayyy better than Mick.

Ice Cold   -   Mick could sell it to the nose bleed seats. It may not have been pretty, but it was 100% Mick.  Mick may not have had the better voice, but baby, it's all about STYLE, and Mick had that in spades.   So Mick gets my vote, and he's earned it, by STILL being here, and still selling it to the nose bleed seats.

pǝʞɔıʍ ɥɔʇıʍ of the West   -   Van Morrison has the best voice, but, Mick Jagger is, well, Mick Jagger. Morrison's songs are kind of boring, there is not one iota of Mick that is boring!  I have loved Mick Jagger since I was very young. All my friends had David Cassidy and Bobby Sherman posters on their walls, I had Mick Jagger all over mine.
Zee-ster   -   Van Morrison. Never been a huge fan of the Stones tho I get why they were so big. I do think it's time for them to hang their hat professionally & rest on their laurels. Jagger's just too old to move like the sexy god he isn't anymore.

REZ   -   I'd like to compare and contrast Van Morrison & Tom Waits at this point.  Mick, back in the day, in the late 60's/early 70's, had an untouchable power and energy to his voice.

Mick   -   The man with the most money should tell you who's better. I know who that is.
guakachips78 - Nobody stays young forever. Have you seen Van Morrison lately?

Forsaken   -   Wow, not even a contest. VAN MORRISON is one of the most soulful singers on the planet. Mick, has been selling it for 40 years, and homey still cannot sing a bit!
Tara   -   Their voices are so different. Mick's voice is good, but Van Morrison's voice is unique and amazing.  So, I'll go with Van on this one.

Mama   -   Seriously? Van Morrison.
Fred D.   -   Van Morrison

vtd288   -   Van Morrison
googleplex   -   Van Morrison. Mick is just so over rated.

Sugaree   -   I think Van Morrison.
Butterfly   -   The Van Man of course!

Skip I   -   Van
guakachips78   -   Mick needs a face lift.  I like both, depends on my mood.

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