Sunday, 24 April 2016

Funny Things People Say - Part 12

Candice   -   Now I know who Snoop Dog is, but who is Van Morrison? 

Nigel Jones   -   For every Jim Morrison there’s a Van Morrison (the two bad boys were early friends) gloomed and apparently doomed, but still with us. The Who, who hoped to die before they got old, have got certainly old – yet, strangely, are still alive.

Fatboyfat   -   We settle down. And for about twenty minutes, things are going alright. We get a little bit of Van the Man, from the Astral Weeks album. Some Proclaimers. Even an instrumental Pogues number. My iPod appears to have gone Celtic on me. I'm thankful. I don't own any Enya.

Alex in NYC   -   Astral Weeks is an awful, sickly wedding cake of wobbly self-indulgence.

Gene Kerrigan   -   It was getting on for eleven and Van Morrison's band was on stage doing Moondance, blowing an extended intro, warming up the crowd while the little big man looked into his soul or trimmed his nails or did whatever it is international rock stars do while they're keeping the punters waiting for the best part of an hour.

Jason Mendelsohn   -   Do you think Moondance’s  placement suffers because the Band did it first and arguably better? Or am I reading too far into Van Morrison’s musical sidestep of the folk community?

Chris Wenjek   -   In the Days Before Rock 'n Roll is seriously flawed. This song should have been the album's centrepiece; Morrison turned it into a "gag" song. Instead of singing, Morrison gets Paul Durcan to speak through most of the song in a mimicking and thoroughly annoying voice.

Jeff Fallis   -   There is a soupiness, an inoffensive, middle-of-the-road quality, a leaden, dozing sound to much of Van Morrison’s work in the ‘80s and ‘90s that bothers me, makes being a fan of his occasionally embarrassing.

Marian Berghes   -   I just discovered Van Morrison...speechless.  I can't explain to myself how come I didn't knew about him until a month ago or so. Just...amazing songs.

Money Magnet Magnate   -   Van is Irish, and as such has been known to imbibe a 'little Irish' from time to time.

Money Magnet Magnate   -   He may have tapered off to mellow. He used to be one of the "old school" like Peter O'Toole and Richard Harris. I knew someone many years ago who had been one of his tour managers.  She thought he could put anybody under the table.

Judith Russel   -   I always listen to him in the shower.

Stefan Lindblad   -   I have always  loved the music by Van Morrison. I have gotten so much inspiration while working on a large scale or small scale painting. When drawing for pure joy or an illustration assignment. His music have always put me on track when I have to get going. I would love to make a cover to any of his records simply because that. So Van if you read this just give me a call. 

Daniel Evans   -   I don't think he got the coverage he deserved. He's getting on now though! How would you promote him? How would you market this old Van?

Fin   -   You've surely heard Brown Eyed Girl?

Kurt   -   IMO, Van Morrison's legacy suffered a lot because of how he treated his fans in the early days. Morrison would often show up for his concerts over an hour late, then only play for 20-30 minutes. Not the best way to treat your ticket-buying fans, and just the opposite of the way a band like the Grateful Dead would treat their fans.

Tim Phelan   -   From what I have read though, he usually drinks a lot of coffee before a concert, and not booze. I know, it's hard to believe since he is Irish.

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