Friday, 13 May 2016

Names For Van Morrison

A lot of people seem to be given to renaming Van.  On the one hand people make out that he's the least likely kind of person to receive a nickname yet people seem to have a compulsion to call this incredible performer by anything other than his performing name: Van Morrison.  In my reading about Van I've come across so many names that the whole thing seems like a conspiracy.  Was there a "Name This Man Morrison Competition" or something that I missed?  Why don't Bob, Paul, Neil or Joni attract this sort naming mania?  

By the way, maybe Robbie Robertson start the trend when he called Van "the Belfast Cowboy"?  Here are some of the names I've uncovered so far. I might just turn this into a PhD research project.       

George Ivan Morrison
Van the Man
The Belfast Cowboy
Wee Van
the drunken Irishman
the mad monk
The Curmudgeon
Soul Master
The Irish Mystic
The Mystic Poet
Irish Hippie
An enigma in Celtic garb
the odious toad
The Man Morrison
Van the Sulky Bear
Bard of Belfast
Celtic Mystic
a seer
Sir Van

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