Sunday, 29 May 2016

Vanatic: The Greatest Book Ever Published?

No Poster is Safe With Pat Around
The global publishing coup of 2016 has to be Pat Corley’s first foray into print with Vanatic: the story of a Van Morrison fan.  The book is based on Pat’s 43-year career as a devoted follower of Van Morrison and has has been based on his writings from his Visions of Pat blog which I religiously follow.  Pat is probably the most recognisable Van Morrison fan (other than the few celebs who follow him). He has also reached out to other Vanatics around the globe. 

Vanatic is a privately self-published work printed by the Self-Publishing Partnership of Bath in conjunction with Brown Dog Books.  Pat has produced only 200 copies all of which are signed.  He’s kept more than 50 copies for local friends and the festivals he’ll attend this summer.  However, 130 copies are available online at ebay.  As I put this post up only 30 copies are left. It is being offered for £12.99 plus postage and is a must for all Van Morrison fans. 

Pat at Glastonbury
Naturally I ordered my copy and the 86,000 word and 292 page volume is winging its way to Australia right now.  Copies are selling fast so get in quick.  The book is not another Van Morrison biography written by someone with an axe to grind.  Rather, it is simply the story of one fan’s obsession with Van.  I really am looking forward to reading it. 

For more related Pat Corley stuff read his Vision of Pat blog or you can go to Fan Pop and find a Pat Corley thread there although it offers little that could be considered sensible.  On a personal note, I have made two purchases from Pat on ebay: copies of Wavelength magazine and some Van Morrison ticket stubs.  In both cases he included extra stuff. The man's generous to a fault.  Check out his book store on ebay which specialises in Irish themes, music and beat generation writings.     

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