Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Vanatic Quiz

I finished Vanatic by Pat Corley a few days ago. As a Van fan I loved it. It's a charming little book that has a freshness to it that books heavily edited and polished by professionals don't.  I would love to think of Van somehow obtaining a copy and having a read.  Maybe then he'd begin to understand the incredible influence he's had on thousands of people.  Here's a quiz I devised from the book.    

  1. After Pat arrived in Belfast for the 70th birthday celebrations, which couple did he meet first when he left the hotel for a walk?
   a) Othmar + Daria     b) Simon + Sandra Gee        c) Stuart + Michelle
2. What Van concert was closest to Pat’s Westbury house?
      a)   Glastonbury Abbey   b) Colston Hall, Bristol     c) Marston House, Frome

  3. Which band did Pat describe as “they must be the best Van tribute band in the world”?
      a)   The Belfast Cowboys      b) Celtic Soul           c) The Vancoovers

  4. In what year did Pat send Van a birthday card?
      a)       1985                           b) 1995                  c) 2005
5. Who is Pat’s least favourite guest vocalist?
      a)       Shana Morrison            b) Georgie Fame      c) Chris Farlowe

  6. Where and when did Pat get Van’s autograph?
      a)       Brighton, 2014         b) Glastonbury, 1982    c) Belfast, 2015

  7. According to Pat, what’s the greatest song on Philosopher’s Stone                 (1998)?
      a)       Ordinary People       b) Wonderful Remark     c) For Mr Thomas

 8. What magazine did Bill Nighy once subscribe to?
     a)       Wavelength            b) OK                            c) This England

  9. Who wrote the spoken word intro to In the Days Before Rock and Roll?
     a)       George Ivan Morrison    b) Seamus Heaney     c) Paul Durkin

10. What’s the final word in Vanatic?
     a)      end         b) God            c) now


1. b     2.  c     3.  b     4.  b     5. c     6. a     7.  b     8.  a     9.  c     10.  c

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