Saturday, 23 July 2016

Funny Things People Say - Part 13

Explaining How Ants Increase Their Karma

Steve Danis   -   Van has always been my fave since the early 60's. I live in his wisdom every day. Thank God for creating such a human.

MiG   -   What a curious cover this Keep Me Singing. Beautiful on first glance. Ten seconds later it drives you crazy.

Topeka Roy   -   Over 20 years later Avalon Sunset remains a favourite that never has left my listening rotation and sits alongside the best of Bruce Cockburn and Bob Dylan.  The album starts with the classic duet with Cliff Richard of When God Shines His Light On You, and if that was the only good song on the album it would still make the list of Great Christian Albums.  Whenever God Shines His Light was a big hit in the United Kingdom, peaking at #20 and hitting #3 on the Irish charts.

Rob S.   -   I saw  Van Morrison the first time at Goffert Park at Nijmegen, great artist, I lost my finger tip after the breakdown of the podia, but he will always reminder me of this great time. 

Harry Lime   -   The five most fortunate people in the world are the musicians who were allowed to accompany Van Morrison on the Hyndford Street stage.

Terry MacPherson   -   Van Morrison is a funny guy.  Doesn't have much to say about his commercial success for tunes like Brown Eyed Girl. And will be terminating his contract with iTunes.   Was a little hard getting used to that attitude. But I have a lot of respect for him.  And maybe if we walk a mile in his shoes we'll understand.  

Veronica Mcsherry   -   Love you Van Morrison, met you once in a second hand record shop in Notting Hill and you ran out of the shop before I could say hello.

Benjamin Failor   -   He'll probably erase your comment. I asked him on his Facebook page about some of his references to Alice Bailey and the next day it was gone.

Bella Rattan   -   Van, I saw Aslan in the sky this afternoon, a lion of victory in the clouds, I loved this so much,I love you just call me Mrs Bella Gram,I loved Andy Graham growing up,and I loved bill Gram growing up,I sent Bill Gram my photo to Seattle for a Job,can you track down Bill Gram for me, or Bill Gram junior and have him contact me,does your son have green eyes and red hair?I need work. You rock so hard,you have been my all time favourite musician of all times, all your music is love and making love,memories of great times in my life,you rock my world,you have really great taste,and sex appeal,life is sweet with your love around. 

Make the world turn on its axis,and roll with me, life is so exciting with your kids,hope they can warm up to all this social terrorism, I can feel so much still, I haven't been able to enjoy my life for years but knowing you ,so much good music still,makes my heart full of sunshine and freedom,the sun and rain,thunder clouds,guide me spiritually,life can be so good still,so excited to get to know you, It was love at first sight in blue gene. love the one your with and all that harmony. You’re too much bacchanal, I love it! don't break my heart Van Morrison, let's roll, don't bring up a car though, unless I have wheels.

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