Friday, 1 July 2016

Keep Me Singing (2016)

Our man crush love interest, Van Morrison, will release his 36th studio album, Keep Me Singing on September 30 this year, along with the single Too LateKeep Me Singing will be Van’s first album of original material since 2012’s Born to Sing: No Plan B.  It will feature 13 tracks.  Twelve will be originals and one will be a cover of the 1963 blues standard Share Your Love With Me.  

Supposedly “in support of the album”, Morrison will play a number of concerts in the U.S. and the U.K., although it hardly looks like the “world tour” some writers are suggesting.  For concert information always go to the source and by that I mean Van’s officialwebsite

So Van wants us to help “keep him singing’?  Van, I’ll do what I can.  Can I implore readers of this humble blog to buy this album?  Can you buy copies for friends and family too?  Can you turn up to his concerts as well?  I figure if his income stream from this professional musician gig keeps on steady he may resist the urge to return to his occupation as a window cleaner.  So friends (and I use the word in the Facebook era sense only), let’s roll up our sleeves and keep Van singing.  This is our mantra and our game plan.  It’s too late to stop now. 

Keep Me Singing track listing:

Let It Rhyme   -   Hope this isn’t a writer’s block ditty.
Every Time I See a River   -   Considering where he lives this could be a lot.  Collaboration with Don Black. Played at Nell's on June 15, 2016. 
Keep Me Singing   -   As I said, we’ll do what we can.  Start saving everyone.
Out in the Cold Again   -   Hasn’t paid his electricity bill?  Keep buying Van product.
Memory Lane   -   A worthy successor to Penny Lane?
The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword   -   Cliches never make good song titles. Wish ISIS would take this on board. 

Holy Guardian Angel   -   Christian theology 101. 
Share Your Love With Me   -   Blues standard written by Alfred Braggs and Deadric Malone. It was a hit for Bobby Bland (1963), Aretha Franklin (1970) and Kenny Rogers (1981).
In Tiburon   -   If this song title was In a Tiburon it might be referring to the Hyundai car of the same name. However, knowing something of Van’s history he is probably referring to the Marin County, California, town.  The town name derives from the Spanish word for ‘shark;.  (Is this another reference to the big time operators, who ripped him off?)

Look Beyond the Hill   -   Too close to the suggestion of “over the hill”.
Going Down to Bangor   -   Britain has left the EU so location changes from Geneva to Bangor.
Too Late   -   The Reader’s Digest version of Too Late to Stop Now?
Caledonia Swing   -   Instrumental. The song Celtic Swing moves north. 

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