Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Ultimate Music Guide: Van Morrison

Finally, Uncut has produced a Van Morrison version of their "ultimate music guides".  Lesser artists somehow jumped the queue ahead of Van but at least he made it.  It's a great 122 page coverage of The Man's career.  Any Van fan and collector would love to have a copy.  How's this for the first paragraph:   

The legend of Van Morrison is one of the richest and most complicated in musical history, but most often it boils down to a certain familiar portrait. According to one observer, he “sometimes throws his advisers into a frenzy of hair-tearing despair: moody, unpredictable, perverse, often downright wilful — but always creative.”

For this post I've compiled three lists based on information in the guide - the best songs in the Them Years, the best songs post-Them and the best Van albums from the 2000s.  

The Top Ten Them Songs

 1. Gloria
 2. Hey Girl
 3. My Lonely Sad Eyes
 4. Baby Please Don't Go
 5. Here Comes the Night
 6. Don't Look Back
 7. Turn on Your Love Light
 8. If You and I Could Be as One
 9. It's All Over Now Baby Blue 
10. Bring 'Em On In

The Top 10 Van Songs

 1. Moondance
 2. Into the Mystic
 3. Madame George
 4. It's All in The Game etc. 
 5. Summertime in England
 6. St Dominic's Preview
 7. Domino
 8. Rave On John Donne
 9. In The Garden
10. Listen to the Lion

The Top Ten Albums from the 2000s

 1. Keep It Simple (2008)
 2. Magic Time (2005)
 3. Down the Road (2002)
 4. Born To Sing: No Plan B (2012)
 5. Astral Weeks Live At The Hollywood Bowl (2009)
 6. Duets:Re-Working the Catalogue (2015)
 7. Still on Top - the Greatest Hits (2007)
 8. What's Wrong With This Picture? (2003)
 9. Best of Volume III (20007)
10. Pay the Devil (2006)

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