Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Funny Things People Say - Number 15

Maui Surfer   -   Is-a-pre-emptive-strike-against-iran-inevitable? ... In a word, NO! I speculate you may like McQuack's Beach Boy song version, "Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran!" a lot more, despite the folly it represents. As to Vietnam, so, you think it was a good idea to prop up a repressive CATHOLIC regime the Church had inserted into Asia? Maybe you are a Van Morrison fan too, "Whoa-oh Domino!"

Elsbar   -   I give a thumb's up to Astral Weeks and Moondance, and bits and pieces of all the rest.

Steve Bradshaw   -   Anthropocene tells the story of the planet from its inception to a distant future when humans have long since vanished.  and the whole biosphere. And all this is happening quite suddenly.  Nobody knows how long the Anthropocene will last. In that case the Anthropocene would be – to borrow the title of a Van Morrison album – a period of transition and little else.  

Plaxico   -   Van Morrison is really weird, why is this man shouting at me about how much he loves me? Stop shouting at me!

Tom D.   -   wtf are you playing at Van? God bless the damn Queen, long may she reign over us?

Cat Grant   -   You’ve heard of Van Morrison, right? You probably know him as the guy who sang Brown-Eyed Girl. But when I hear his name, I think of his album Astral Weeks. Van’s reedy tenor and the folk-rock-with-a-touch-of-jazz arrangements sound deceptively simple, until you close your eyes and really listen. (A little weed helps too, but if you’re in a non-legal state, you didn’t hear this from me.) It’s Morrison’s masterpiece, but even back in the day, it didn’t sell.

Money Magnet Magnate   -    That's nothing new - Van Morrison has been known to be speechless many times...usually when he is so hammered he can only slur and make rude hand gestures.

Emma Hartley   -   Van Morrison came on. What a dude, with his gold microphone stand bearing his initials and his collection of unanswerable bluesy hits. As the late afternoon sunshine suffused the crowd with a sense of well-being and a swallow swooped overhead, the two very tall men to my left decided it might be fun to sit on each other's shoulders, which gave them a combined height of around 11 feet and a strong risk of imminent collapse. The temporary distraction of a copy of Private Eye sticking out of the back pocket of the one underneath abated when Moondance started up and Christopher Ecclestone arrived in the crowd nearby during a storm of unrelated applause. He'll always be Dr Woo-Hoo! to me now.

Dave Q.   -   Van Morrison equals Meat Loaf with a Celtic burden of significance instead of cheesy American humour.

Dr C   -   Since THEM, Van equals a Turdburger.

June Grant   -   That man Van Morrison has no personality, no etiquette, nothing. He simply doesn't know how to treat an audience. I actually preferred the band to him. He's grumpy and he left the stage without saying goodbye or good night. He didn't even bother saying 'thank you for coming'. 

Anonymous   -   Those Bang demos have been released on various semi-legit comps - Garbage Van is my fave!

Nolan Dalla   -   Van Morrison’s concert on the night of January 15th, 2016 at the famed Shrine Auditorium on the University of Southern California campus in Los Angeles was terrible.  And, I loved every single note of it.

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