Saturday, 1 June 2019

Believe it or Not Part 12

The guitarist on Them's first recorded track - Don't Start Crying Now - was Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin fame.

How's this for an ad - Learn English from Astral Weeks by Van Morrison using the LingQ language learning system to learn from content of interest.

Gloria was a number one in the Netherlands on four separate occasions.

In 2019 Van put out his 40th studio solo album and continues to retain the popularity he established as a member of Them in the mid 1960s. His music is particularly played at weddings and used in hundreds of movies.

The Pope Ondine claims that Madame George is the wife of WB Yeats according to Marianne Faithful.

Van recorded vocals with Frank Zappa on Zappa's Dead Girls of London.

In 1990 the American group Poi Dog Pondering released the song U Li La Lu which contained the lyric line: If I should die in a car wreck, May I have Van Morrison on my tape deck.

Van's first appearance on record was The Monarch's single Twingy Baby backed with Boozoo Hully Gully. It featured Van on saxophone.

At The Irish Digital Media Awards in February 2018 the company Eyekiller  received the award for Best Creative website for the Exile Productions - Van Morrison official website.

There's a Facebook group called Van Morrison Soul Healing.

Van and Linda Gail Lewis met at a Jerry Lee Lewis convention that Van went to as a fan. Jerry Lee is Linda Gail's brother.  Van and Linda recorded an album together, had a much-publicised fight and later Van deleted the album. 

Van had a part in a German movie called Glide in the early 1960s. He played the role of a jazz singer.

Ben Kassoy listed Astral Weeks among his 17 Best Songs to Have Sex to listed on the GQ website.

The Right Proper Brewing Company has an Astral Weeks beer on tap. It’s described as a Dry-Hopped Foeder Beer that is dry, floral and  tropical. 

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