Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Funny Things People Say - Part 30

Redhead   -   Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones (later of Led Zeppelin) both played on this recording (they used to be studio musicians), to the protest of Them's guitarist and bassist. Personally I think that threesome would have made a better group than Led Zeppelin.

Michaelangelo Matos   -   The most hip-hop thing about Morrison may be that he's been bitching about record labels — Industry Rule number 4,080 — for nearly his entire career.

Kylebr   -   I'm sorry don't know who Van is.

pamtur1956   -   I've got to say Van Morrison has a lot of "number 1 fans", simply because the man’s singing and artistic abilities is on the number 1 unbeatable list. He's amazing at what he does. Thank you Mr Morrison for the wonderful music that I have had the opportunity to listen to through out my life. Another number one fan.

billybird   -   I hope Van isn't one of the whispery singers?

Gender Neutral   -   Van challenges me. I can't work out if he is male or female. He wears male clothes like a man but then he colour co-ordinates like a woman. I'm confused and I hope he is too.

Yvon Haley-Peabody Lynch   -   Listening to Van fills your senses....when emptiness threatens to take your soul. it is like a moment with the sun melting upon your skin, catching spring raindrops upon your tongue and April wind in one's hair....the scintillating scent of winter's first snow and watching the heat of passion in your lover's eyes. He steals your heart away and makes it his...and oh so willingly it follows.

AussieRock   -   In the track Ringworm, Morrison sings "I tell you. You're very lucky to have ring worm, because you may have had...something else". Van Morrison is genius, even in fun.

Tadhg Mac Séaghdha   -   Van you're just badass. Love you brother. If I won the lottery, hey I gotta a chance, one of the first things I would do is hire Van for a private jam session with my friends and family. Now that would be a good day.

waterlilybarb   -   Love his voice. Not crazy about the man.

Anonymous   -   Nobody quite understands Van Morrison. If Bob Dylan’s long stretches of patent bizarreness in the 1980s seem incomprehensible to most, then Van Morrison’s entire career surely must remain an enigma.

Candy   -   I am a serious music lover and enjoy almost all genres of music. Some of my favourites are old 1970's (reminds me of my college days) one of my favourite artists is Van Morrison, I am also a big Cher fan! I must say though I'm not a big country music or hip hop lover.

lstidom   -   Early songs were pretty good but Van has ranged too far.

Jeff Liles   -   The A-side was a cover of The Kinks’ classic song You Really Got Me; the flipside a track called Atomic Punk. Who knows? Maybe this was a “gimmick” song by a guy like Van Morrison who put out a record to make fun of punk rock, and they figured giving it away free was the only way anyone was going to hear it.

Steve   -   Could I live in a word ruled by Van Morrison? Now that we are grown up democracy people do we not know that with leadership you have to take gregarious blows. Yes you’re going to laugh at the pols trying to bend reality to overcome circumstance but the end result is that while you may work out religiously the power of government is going to be in your pants. In a world of psycho killers this should be some kind of romance. But the truth is really hard. Hate is easy, understanding at the point of a gun is difficult. For anyone thinking killing people is a path to progress I ask you what about your tribe and how death effects you. Well I can tell you one truth that should really understand, its the worst thing we can experience in the mortal world. Those who can convince people to give up their life for some security boogieman should be Zombie food. We live on plane earth. We have made this existence no different than living in a good neighbourhood. Wake up Zombies we are heading into flesh eating days.

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